History of the Gold Train

It started in 1943 from Allies’ carpet bombing, when German leaders decided to move strategic military production to area out of Allies reach. They chose Sudeten mountains, especially the Owl Mountains and started Project Riese (Project “Giant”) aimed at building a network of underground structures for uncertain purpose.
In summer 1944 Soviet army approached Wisla river line, directly threatening German native soil. Panicked Germans started massive evacuations of mostly stolen goods from Poland, Eastern Prussia and other countries. Many of these transports were directed to various destinations in Sudeten mountains, including Riese complex. It led to several stories about Nazi treasures hidden in the mountains. Probably some of them are real, but there are also many urban legends – when you visit Sudeten, locals will tell you that in every second underground tunnel there is Nazi treasure hidden. E.g. some believe Amber Room is also hidden in Sudeten.
Regarding the Nazi gold train, it is very unlikely there is any gold in it. It’s rather an abandoned armored train, which is still an interesting discovery for WWII military enthusiasts.


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