CooTek Releases iOS Version of its Mindfulness and Meditation App “Breeze”

CooTek (NYSE:CTK) on Friday announced the release of the iOS version of its mindfulness and meditation app, Breeze.

The app was previously known as Relax Music and offers content that helps users to relieve stress, stay focused and to sleep better at night through music, soothing sounds, guided meditation.

As quoted in the text release:

“Users for the Android version of the app are growing rapidly. People like the content, especially, the guided meditation and mindfulness courses so we are excited to begin offering it to iOS users”, said Mr. Zhengchao Lu, Product Director at CooTek.

The content in the app is classified according to different usage scenarios including meditation, sleep, work, relaxing, travel, and more, so that users can easily find the content that suits them best. In the near future, customized mindfulness and meditation classes will be added into the app. User can set wellness goals such as sleeping better, working more efficiently, or even being happier. Breeze will then recommend them personalized and professional mindfulness classes to help them achieve their goals.

“We aim to help users build a healthy lifestyle. More healthcare related features will be added into the app in the future so that users can track improvements in their health over time”, added Mr. Lu.

Click here for the full text release.

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