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Does Flat CPI in November Imply Flat Gold?

Article posted at The Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article63765.html
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Cobalt Trends 2018: Prices Fall, Nickel Threat Creeps Up

After a bright 2017, cobalt kicked off the year on the right track, with prices increasing during the first quarter. However, with plenty of news from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), prices declining and the battle for the electric car battery heating up, cobalt lost some momentum.

As 2018 comes to a close, the Investing News Network is looking back at the main trends in the space this year, from discussions around changing battery chemistry to rising EV demand to responsible sourcing.

Read on to learn what happened in the cobalt market in 2018, including supply and demand dynamics and what market participants had to say during each quarter of the year.

Cobalt Stocks: Risks and Key Factors

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Cobalt trends Q1: Prices remain high despite DRC news

Cobalt started the year strong after ending 2017 on a positive note, with metal prices increasing more than 20 percent. As in the previous year, cobalt continued to make news headlines as companies announced deals, supply issues remained a concern and prices performed in an uptrend.

In fact, many carmakers and technology companies continued to show interest in securing supply of cobalt, a key element in lithium-ion batteries used to power electric cars.

One of the most significant deals of the quarter came in mid-March, when mining giant Glencore (LSE:GLEN) agreed to sell 52,800 tonnes of cobalt contained in hydroxide to Chinese battery recycler GEM (SZSE:002340) over the next three years.

Securing supply directly from miners is a sign that companies are not only concerned about having enough metal to meet the future need in the market, but also about bringing transparency to the supply chain. That’s because more than 50 percent of cobalt is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where mining has been often linked to human right abuses and child labor.

“[This deal] is not only significant because it means 20,000 tonnes of cobalt are off the market, but also because it is 20,000 tonnes of clean DRC material that is a prime target for EV/electronics manufacturers looking to secure supply at the mine level,” Benchmark Mineral Intelligence analyst Caspar Rawles told the Investing News Network at the time.

During the first quarter, the DRC signed a new mining law to see taxes and royalties for cobalt increase to 10 percent if the metal was categorized as “strategic.”

“[The new law is] going to raise the cost of doing business in the country, but I actually think that over the next two years, the amount of cobalt coming from the DRC is going to increase as opposed to decrease,” battery metals expert Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners said at the time.

Looking over to prices, cobalt prices rose beyond most expectations throughout Q1, with the most rapid rises occurring in the final few weeks of the quarter, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

“The rises were helped by a number of factors … the most significant was increasing demand from the battery sector, but also strong demand from more traditional uses such as superalloys,” said Rawles.

“Metal prices are still used as the basis for pricing structures in long-term supply contracts for cobalt raw materials at the mine level. That’s why increases in the metal price have the power to impact the whole industry, including cobalt chemicals that are used in batteries,” he explained.

LME cobalt started the year at US$ 75,000 per tonne and climbed 24 percent to end the quarter at US$ 93,250.

Cobalt trends Q2: Tesla’s plans threaten cobalt’s future in batteries

During the second quarter of the year, interest in cobalt continued to increase around the world, with most market developments coming from the DRC.

In April, DRC state-owned miner Gecamines started legal proceedings to dissolve its Kamoto copper-cobalt operation with Glencore’s Katanga Mining (TSX:KAT).The dispute was resolved in June, but Glencore’s nightmares continued during the quarter.

“Katanga is one of the key new sources of supply for the cobalt market in the coming years and any disruption to its ramp up could cause the cobalt market to return to deficit in the coming years,” CRU Group senior analyst George Heppel said at the time.

Also impacting the market and investor sentiment was the new DRC mining code, which was set to designate cobalt as a “strategic substance,” increasing royalties to 10 percent. An alliance of miners in the country told the government that the DRC could lose US$ 3 billion in over 10 years if the legislation remained as it is.

Looking over to demand, the biggest announcement of the quarter came from Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), which said that it would reduce cobalt use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries to “almost nothing,” increasing investors’ concerns about future demand for the metal.

During the quarter, the battle between nickel and cobalt heated up, with many experts saying cobalt demand will continue to surge even if its content in batteries is reduced.

This year, there’s been much discussion around the possibility of lithium-ion batteries shifting to a 811 nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) cathode chemistry. That means eight parts nickel, one part cobalt and one part manganese.

“The impact of 811 on the lithium-ion battery cathode market is going to be minimal in the short term,” Benchmark Mineral Intelligence said in a report.

Looking over to prices, in the second quarter the market saw a correction, with prices ending down 16 percent at U$ 77,300 per tonne.

According to Rawles, the aggressive price rise the market saw in Q1 was somewhat unexpected, “not the fact that prices increased but the speed at which it happened,” he said.

“Conversely, my opinion is that the price correction we have seen in Q2 was expected by a reasonable portion of the market. So to some extent [cobalt] has performed in a way that was anticipated, but more so in Q2,” he added.

In terms of the sulfate market, prices fell a little more, but have shown signs of stabilizing. Rawles believes the bearish sentiment the market saw really come into play in China in April was somewhat of a surprise.

“In my opinion this isn’t necessarily a function of poor demand, but factors impacting buying patterns related to cash flow and credit,” he added.

For Roskill’s Director Jack Bedder, some sort of a small level of volatility around this level is expected depending on the amount of spot trade and the amount of factors impacting the market.

Cobalt Stocks: Risks and Key Factors

Get insights into cobalt’s future in our free report

Cobalt trends Q3: Supply and price concerns take over, battle for EV battery continues

During the third quarter of the year, most market developments came once again from the DRC. The country’s mines minister said the new mining code, which raises taxes and royalties, cannot be called into question. The new legislation has been fiercely opposed by international miners.

Meanwhile, Korean battery makers SK Innovation (KRX:096770) and LG Chem (KRX:051910) announced they are working on nickel-cobalt-manganese 811 cathode/cells for electric vehicles, but pushed back commercial production during the third quarter, highlighting the difficulties of using new chemistry for batteries.

According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the challenges around introducing this technology are tougher than many expect — the London-based firm doesn’t see the change having a material impact on the supply chain before 2020 in China and 2021 in the international market.

Other important news in the sector during the three-month period included top cobalt producer Glencore (LSE:GLEN) showing a cobalt production increase of 31 percent after restarting output at the Katanga mine. The miner, which has been facing some legal hurdles, is seeking to double its production of cobalt in the next two years.

Looking over to prices, cobalt prices declined beyond most expectations throughout Q3 as the quiet summer months and a Chinese sentiment change put pressure on prices. LME cobalt metal prices started the quarter at US$ 74,500 per tonne and declined almost 23 percent to end the period at US$ 57,500.

According to Rawles, there were several factors that impacted the market. Those include rapidly rising prices in 2017 and Q1 2018, changes in payment terms in China, a lack of credit tied to Chinese deleveraging, the change to the Chinese new energy vehicles subsidy policy and trade tensions with the US, which have impacted the wider economy.

“The reality is that the supply/demand fundamentals haven’t changed and it shows that the cobalt market can be sentiment driven as much as it is by supply and demand,” Rawles explained.

Roskill’s Bedder said he expected cobalt prices to bottom out at US$ 35 per pound. “It fell slightly lower than that. A range of $ 35 to $ 40 is expected over the next 12 months, but volatility is possible,” he added.

Cobalt trends Q4: Will nickel steal cobalt’s crown?

In Q4, the most significant news came from Glencore’s Katanga Mining, which suspended cobalt production at its Kamoto mine after finding high levels of uranium in the ore.

The company announced plans to build a US$ 25-million ion exchange system to remove the metal found in its product, which exceeded the acceptable levels for export through main African ports.

The DRC government did not take long to respond to Glencore’s claim, criticizing the company’s “unilateral” decision and launching an audit into how radioactive cobalt left the country before an alarm was raised.

After the news, Rawles said the timing for cobalt production issues at Katanga seemed opportunistic as Glencore was negotiating hydroxide supply deals for 2019.

For Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the impact of the export ban is expected to be minimal, assuming there are no other issues with growing DRC supply, particularly the ramp-up from ERG’s neighboring RTR project.

“The industry slipped into surplus this year where it was expected to remain for the next 3 to 5 years, and Glencore’s 9-month delay shouldn’t have a significant long-term impact on the market,” Managing Director Simon Moores said in a recent report.

But developments like this undermine cobalt’s long-term role in the space and destroy investor confidence in a metal that does not need any extra help in doing so, Moores added. The move by Glencore could also force battery makers to once again look at the investment case for NCM 811 or follow the NCA (nickel-cobalt-aluminum) Tesla route.

In December, the DRC finally issued a decree declaring cobalt a “strategic” substance, increasing royalties to 10 percent.

Rawles said the announcement was expected for a while. “With current market dynamics, particularly in China, it is going to be challenging for producers to push the increased costs downstream near term, [which will be] inevitably passed to consumers in the medium term,” he added.

Looking over to prices, LME cobalt continued its downtrend during the last quarter of the year. Prices started at US$ 57,500 per tonne and were sitting at US$ 54,750 on December 11— a 4.78 percent decline during the period and a 27 percent decrease year-to-date.

Interested in knowing what else happened in the cobalt space this year? Check out our top cobalt stories of 2018For investors interested in learning more about what’s ahead for cobalt, keep an eye out for our upcoming cobalt outlook with commentary for analysts and companies.

Don’t forget to follow us @INN_Resource for real-time news updates!

Securities Disclosure: I, Priscila Barrera, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

Editorial Disclosure: The Investing News Network does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the information reported in the interviews it conducts. The opinions expressed in these interviews do not reflect the opinions of the Investing News Network and do not constitute investment advice. All readers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence.

Cobalt Stocks: Risks and Key Factors

Get insights into cobalt’s future in our free report

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Investing News Network

Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork Nears and ETH Hacks Rise

Ethereum eth

Two days ago, brand new code was released on GitHub that had a Constantinople activation time within it. The post reads that Geth, or ‘Go Ethereum,’ is a special release and a hard fork will take place on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet at block 7,080,000. This new hard fork is expected to take place around January 16th, 2019.

Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople

#Ethereum Constantinople mainnet hard fork scheduled for block #7080000, estimated around the 16th of January, 2019!

— Péter Szilágyi (@peter_szilagyi) December 7, 2018

Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, re-tweeted the …

Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Netherlands Lager Westerbork 25 Cents F&F NE-471a PMG 66EPQ GEM UNC

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Expect Gold & Silver to Pullback Before the Next Move Higher

Article posted at The Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article63763.html
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Montan Expands Greater Las Huaquillas Project, Insider Purchases Shares In Market

Montan Mining Corp. (TSXV:MNY | FSE: S5GM | SSE: MNYC) (“Montan” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has filed claim for further 100% owned mineral concessions contiguous to its recently announced Greater Las Huaquillas (“GLH”) Project (refer Company News Release of December 6th, 2018; http://www.montanmining.ca/_resources/news/nr-2018-12-06.pdf ).

At the time the GLH transaction was announced, the project comprised of 14 concessions: 5 held 100% and 9 held 44.5%. Following the new concession filings, the GLH now comprises of 18 concessions arranged as follows:

  • 9 concessions for approximately 3,800 Ha additional mineral title on a 100% basis, and

    9 concessions for approximately 3,600 Ha on a 44.5% basis (Core Las Huaquillas).

Preliminary reviews of the prospectivity of the GLH project by Montain Mining confirm the mineral prospectivity of the project is likely to extend beyond the Core Las Huaquillas project area. Montan Mining notes that historical studies have also highlighted extensive prospectivity of the project area, including the identification of additional zones anomalous in gold and copper. The most recent public company to be involved in assessing the prospectivity of the Las Huaquillas project, at the time presented that they had a “target to grow to 4 million ounces of gold” at the property. This assessment was deemed to be “conceptual but believed to be realistic based on an epithermal model; given the size of the mineralizing systems and structures (ground preparation), the demonstrated large-scale hydrothermal system(s) and the confirmed enrichment of mineralization (as demonstrated by Los Socavones and the San Antonio and Cementario porphyry zones).” In order to ensure Montan Mining has captured the highest priority project areas of this highly prospective region, the Company has rapidly embarked on a strategic concession acquisition program, which has already more than doubled the project area, with more than half this area under Montan Mining’s 100% control.

Transaction Update

The Core Las Huaquillas project is to be acquired per a binding Sale Purchase Agreement (the “SPA”) with Lida Resources Inc. wherein Montan will acquire 100% of Lida’s interest in the Core Las Huaquillas project (in which Lida owns 44.5% of the Core Las Huaquillas Project), for consideration of 25,000,000 Montan Mining shares and 12,500,000 warrants ($ 0.08, 5 year term) to be issued to the shareholders of Lida. The transaction is subject to customary conditions that are typical of transactions of this nature, including Montan Mining shareholder and TSX Venture Exchange approval. Montan Mining’s largest shareholder and strategic partner, Lions Bay Capital Inc. (TSX-V: LBI) acted as a corporate advisor in relation to the transaction outlined in this announcement, including in the origination, evaluation, structuring and financing of the Greater Las Huaquillas project. In consideration of Lions Bay Capital’s role, Montan Mining will seek approval (where necessary) to issue Lions Bay Capital (or its permitted assignee/s) 1,500,000 Montan shares and 750,000 warrants ($ 0.08, 5 year term) as a corporate advisory fee. The transaction is also subject to a finder’s fee, payable by Montan to an unrelated party, of 1,250,000 Montan shares and 625,000 warrants ($ 0.08, 5 year term).

Click Image To View Full Size

Map figure: location of the mineral concession applications filed by Montan adjacent to the Core Las Huaquillas concessions.

Comment from the CEO

“We are pleased to be further consolidating the Greater Las Huaquillas project land position in anticipation of expanding our knowledge of this highly prospective project. We expect the previously reported mineralisation at GLH is not confined to the core resource area, and is instead part of a much larger highly prospective system. The expanded project footprint provides Montan with substantial running room to grow our inventory of high grade appraisal targets. The GLH project is the first fruit of a new ventures initiative that has been acive for some time. We look forward to updating the market on additional acquisitions when appropriate. Coupled with our Cerro Dorado gold mill and the adjacent Rey Salomon mine, Montan is well positioned to lead the acquisition and development of substantial regional resources that otherwise remain challenged or economically stranded” said Ian Graham, CEO of Montan.

Insider Purchase

The Board also wishes to disclose that Mr. Bahay Ozcakmak, a director of the Company and the representative for Lions Bay Capital within Montan, has actively acquired shares of Montan in the open market subsequent to the December 6th news release. The market will be informed of additional purchases in a timely manner.

About Montan Mining Corp.

Montan Mining Corp. is an emerging gold producer focusing on unlocking value from advanced stage mining assets in Peru. The company is backed by an experienced management team with diverse technical, market, and finance expertise and is supported by committed and sophisticated investors focused on building long term value, now anchored by Lions Bay Capital Inc.

On behalf of the Board of Montan.

Ian Graham

CEO and Director

Tel: +1.604.671.1353

Email: igraham@montanmining.ca

For more information, please visit the corporate website at http://www.montanmining.ca or contact:

Investor Contact:

Luis F. Zapata

Executive Chairman

Tel: +1.604.358.1382

Tel: +51.999.968.827 (Peru)

Email: lzapata@montanmining.ca


Disclaimer & Forward Looking Statements: This news release contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are statements that relate to future events or future financial performance. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by the use of terminology such as “may”, “should”, “intend”, “expect”, “plan”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “estimate”, “project”, “predict”, “potential”, or “continue” or the negative of these terms or other comparable terminology. These statements speak only as of the date of this news release. This news release may also contain inferences to future oriented financial information (“FOFI”) within the meaning of applicable securities laws. The information in this news release has been prepared by our management to provide a context for the project acquisition and to provide the reader with an outlook for our future activities and anticipated key projects and may not be appropriate for other purposes. Forward-looking statements or inferences in this announcement include, (but are not limited to), i) that we will successfully start-up Montan Mining’s Cerro Dorado plant, and that ii) we will be granted mineral concessions resulting for our proper and paid mineral concession applications, and that iii) we will be able to successfully appraise the Greater Las Huaquillas project. The Cerro Dorado S.A.C. assets have not been the subject of a feasibility study and as such there is no certainty that the mine or the mill will be able to produce a commercially marketable product. There is a significant risk that any production efforts from the project will not be profitable with these risks elevated by the absence of a defined resource and economic study. The Company’s reliance on historic production and third party gold recovery statistics is necessary under the circumstances, but is not compliant with NI 43-101 reporting standards. There are increased risks and uncertainty in making a production decision without such a study and an historically higher rate of failure for production decisions not based on a feasibility study. General risks include the reliance on available data and assumptions and judgments used in the interpretation of such data, the speculative and uncertain nature of exploration and development, exploration and development costs, capital requirements and the ability to obtain financing, volatility of global and local economic climates, share price volatility, estimate price and commodity price, volatility, changes in equity markets, increases in costs, exchange rate fluctuations and other risks involved in the mineral exploration and development industry. There can be no assurance that a forward-looking statement or information referenced herein will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements or information. Also, many factors, though considered, are beyond our control. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements or information. We undertake no obligation to reissue or update any forward-looking statements or information except as required by law.This announcement is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, a solicitation or an offer of any kind. The matters set forth in this announcement does not constitute an agreement or offer that may be accepted. Accordingly, no person may bring a claim or action against another for a failure to negotiate, agree or enter into any agreement with respect to matters contained in the announcement.The technical information in this announcement relating to the Greater Las Huaquillas project has been derived from: NI 43-101 Technical Report (the “Technical Report” ) on the Las Huaquillas Au, Ag, Cu Property, Cajamarca, Peru (15 August 2011) prepared by Luc Pigeon, P.Geo., of Gateway Solutions SAC, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101. Montan Mining has not sought any form of consent from either the Qualified Person, or the Issuer which commissioned the Technical Report, but rather references this Technical Report in an historical context as the report was originally submitted for exchange approval on 15 August 2011. It should be noted that there has not been sufficient drilling and/or sufficient previous exploration at Las Huaquillas upon which to base a mineral resource or mineral reserve estimate compliant with the current standards of National Instrument 43-101, and Montan Mining has not undertaken any independent verification of the data contained in that report by a Qualified Peron or Persons acting for Montan Mining. There has been no additional or independent verification site visits, sampling or analytical work undertaken by Montan Mining with respect to the Las Huaquillas property. Montan Mining has relied entirely upon historic disclosure relating to the Las Huaquillas project in preparing this news release.

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Gold Price Analysis: Closer To A Significant Monetary Event

Article posted at The Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article63756.html
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Aptevo Therapeutics Doses First Patient in Phase 1/1b Clinical Trial of Lead Next-Generation Bispecific Antibody APVO436

Aptevo Therapeutics (Nasdaq:APVO), a biotechnology company focused on developing novel oncology and hematology therapeutics, announced today that the first patient has been dosed in a Phase 1/1b clinical trial of APVO436, a novel anti-CD123 by anti-CD3 bispecific antibody based on Aptevo’s ADAPTIR™ technology, which is being developed for the treatment of patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and High-Grade Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS).

As quoted in the press release:

As a novel immunotherapy, APVO436 is designed to engage the immune system to mount a targeted response against CD123-expressing hematological tumors.   Cytokine release syndrome (CRS) is a significant concern with T-cell activating therapies and has been associated with severe complications in clinical trials.  In preclinical studies, APVO436 induced lower levels of several key T-cell cytokines, including IFNg, IL-2, IL-6, and TNFa.  Aptevo believes that the improved cytokine activation profile observed in preclinical studies of APVO436 suggest that it could offer a potential safety advantage with reduced toxicities compared to other CD123 x CD3 T-cell engagers at comparable or higher doses.

“Today’s news represents an important milestone for Aptevo and for AML and MDS patients,” said Dr. Scott Stromatt, Chief Medical Officer for Aptevo.  “There is a strong unmet medical need for novel targeted biological therapies to treat patients with relapsed or refractory AML or MDS.  Chemotherapy, which is the standard of care for these patients, is generally poorly tolerated in the elderly, and patients are still confronted with high relapse rates after treatment.  Recent clinical data has demonstrated that CD123 is a validated target for AML therapy. We are particularly excited to begin clinical evaluation of APVO436 as our preclinical data suggest that it possesses best-in-class attributes and could offer benefits compared to current investigational therapies.”

Click here to read the full press release.

Are gold stocks a good idea for 2019?

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Is the Buyer’s Market for Silver Coming to an End?

Article posted at The Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article63757.html
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Euro’s future bright, but gold’s brighter

As the new year approaches, so too does the 20th anniversary of the creation of the euro by the European Union.

It came into existence Jan. 1, 1999.

It was valued in round numbers at $ 1.17.

However, like bitcoin, at the time it had no physical form.

It was simply a bookkeeping entry as nations that adopted the new currency kept using their old coins and notes expressed in francs, Deutche Marks, lire, and the like.

The relationship among francs and marks and lire was fixed to each other.

There were no more fluctuations on the exchanges. Only the outward value of the euro traded and changed on the financial markets.

It took three more years for the euro to take physical form on Jan. 1, 2002.

Then euro coins and notes were introduced.

It is a rare thing to witness the birth of a major currency.

Collectors are used to announcements of new currencies in places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela as one currency is destroyed and another replaces it.

The euro took its place at the top of the major currency list. It is second to the U.S. dollar.

At the time of its creation, it was an expression of economic strength.

Congratulations to the now 19 countries that use the euro.

However, as a major currency, it has become like the U.S. dollar the perennial target of assertions that it will somehow go the way of the old currencies of Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

There is no way to refute financial bogeyman stories.

Anything built in human society can be destroyed.

But is it likely?

Can you order your life to reflect this fear?

According to the www.Kitco.com website, the euro is worth $ 1.1342 today.

So compared to the dollar, it has declined 3.58 cents, or 3 percent.

That looks pretty stable. It looks like it can be counted on. So why worry?

Enter gold.

Bullion investors like to measure the value of currencies the old-fashioned way and express it in terms of gold.

I used the data on the Kitco site to see how this has gone.

In the process, I learned that the daily records on the site begin on May 20, 1999.

I have some old paper records that show that the price of gold on the first business day of 1999 was $ 287.40 an ounce.

This morning it is $ 1,243.40. Therefore, gold is up 4.33 times.

Or expressed another way, a dollar is now worth 23 1999 cents.

In terms of gold, holders of the paper dollar have lost 77 percent of its 1999 value.

The relationship of the euro to gold has taken a similar downward trajectory.

So what is the prudent thing to do?

Predict the demise of the euro and the dollar, which might not happen in our lifetimes, or buy some gold as insurance?

Financial experts tell us that no more than 10 percent of your assets should be in precious metals.

That 10 percent held in the form of gold will guard against the very real depreciation of the two currencies over time.

But, your daily life will not be disrupted if the market turns against gold for a time.

What do I mean?

Well, if you want to pick gold’s recent market peak of roughly $ 1,900 from the beginning of September 2011, you can say that the dollar has gained value in the past seven years and three months.

In terms of gold, the dollar is now worth $ 1.53 of its 2011 $ 1 starting value.

So, should you ignore gold, or forecast the apocalypse, or simply own gold as insurance and focus on the more important things in your life?

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017. He is editor of the weekly newspaper “Numismatic News.”

The post Euro’s future bright, but gold’s brighter appeared first on Numismatic News.

Buzz – Numismatic News

Cannvas to be Featured in Canadian Health and Family Presenting an Educational Segment on Medical Cannabis

Cannvas MedTech (CSE:MTEC), a leading digital cannabis education and business technology company in the cannabis space, is pleased to announce its online learning platform Cannvas.Me will be featured in an upcoming installment of Canadian Health and Family.

“Presenting our Cannvas.Me platform on this popular health and wellness program is a strong opportunity to share our free and unbiased digital cannabis education resource to a wide swath of Canadians who may be curious about using cannabis as an alternative therapeutic treatment,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “Canadian Health and Family enjoys an engaged following both online and on television, reaching beyond its viewership to contribute to conversations by family physicians and general practitioners throughout Canada, and affecting advocacy groups and resource organizations such as the Chronic Pain Association of Canada. As cannabis becomes a more prevalent part of people’s health care regimen, it’s imperative Canadians know where to turn for accessible and reliable physician-backed cannabis information and education.”

The program makes note of the independent Medical Advisory Board and Educational Advisory Panel who steer content for Cannvas.Me and pays special attention to the platform’s global reach, from its founders’ travels across the world to determine how best to approach cannabis education to the site’s scalability across different countries as cannabis legislation around the world continues to evolve. Additionally, there is also focus on the forthcoming Cannvas.Pet platform, designed to help pet owners explore the use of medical cannabis to help treat their pet’s ailments.

“A crucial aspect of cannabis legalization that has been overlooked since its October inception is access to free and unbiased education around the plant and an opportunity for Canadians to learn for themselves whether or not it can be a beneficial part of their lifestyle,” said Daniel Davidzon, Director of Strategy and Education, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “We strive to elevate cannabis learning and open the public’s eyes to the myriad health care benefits the plant offers, better contextualizing its place in our culture and delivering evidence-backed education from a team of certified health practitioners and educators.”

About H&F Continuing Education, Inc.
H&F Continuing Education is a leader in health communications and broadcast throughout North America with over 25 years’ experience in launching educational programs empowering consumers regarding their health and lives. For the past 9 years, with Dr. Marla Shapiro as medical contributor to CTV, we have been bringing disease prevention and awareness programs to the Canadian public on CTV, as well as advocacy communities, with up-to-date information delivered by some of the world’s most recognized industry and medical experts. Our Health and Family franchise has created one of the most effective ongoing conversations between patients, families and physicians in many therapeutic areas, in a very personal way.

About Cannvas MedTech Inc.
Cannvas MedTech is a leading business technology company in the cannabis space. We design and build customer-centric solutions that enable our partners to harness the power of data to truly understand their customers, industry, and key business drivers.

No stock exchange or securities regulatory authority has reviewed or accepted responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Some of the statements contained in this release are forward-looking statements, such as estimates and statements that describe the Issuer’s future plans, objectives or goals, including words to the effect that the Issuer or management expects a stated condition or result to occur. Since forward-looking statements address future events and conditions, by their very nature, they involve inherent risks and uncertainties.  For a description of the risks and uncertainties facing the Company and its business and affairs, readers should refer to the Company’s Management’s Discussion and Analysis and other disclosure filings with Canadian securities regulators, which are posted onwww.sedar.com.

For further information: www.cannvasmedtech.com; Media Inquiries: media@cannvasmedtech.com; Investor Relations: Renmark Financial Communications Inc., Shushu Feng, sfeng@renmarkfinancial.com, Tel: (416) 644-2020 or (212) 812-7680

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How to Get 20% Off Morrisons Weekly Supermarket Shopping

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FinCanna Portfolio Company, Refined Resin Technologies Acquires Key Manufacturing License

FinCanna Capital Corp (CSE:CALI) a royalty company for the U.S. licensed medical cannabis industry is pleased to announce that its investee company Refined Resin Technologies Inc. (“Refined Resin”) of Oakland, California, has achieved its California state, Temporary Manufacturing License for Adult and Medicinal Cannabis Products (“Temporary Manufacturing License”). Refined Resin is a cannabinoid research and extraction company that provides B2B products and services to licensed brands, licensed dispensaries and licensed distributors in the medical cannabis supply chain.

The Temporary Manufacturing License, issued under state Type 7 license protocols, is a conditional license that authorizes the company to engage in commercial cannabis activity as would be permitted under an Annual License. The acquisition of the Temporary Manufacturing License also positions the company to submit for its Annual License by Dec. 31, 2018.

As previously announced Refined Resin has submitted for its Oakland City Building Permit, to refit its 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility that will include installation of all manufacturing equipment required for full production. The Building Permit is expected prior to Dec. 31, 2018 with construction completion expected approximately 90 days from approval with initial production the month after.

Upon completion of construction and receipt of the required permits Refined Resin will be moving expeditiously to fulfill previously announced annual minimum purchase orders of $ 10,400,000. The company expects to add to that total based on buying interest from a number of significant parties.

“California is a well regulated jurisdiction and acquiring the right licenses in a timely manner is essential to success,” said Andriyko Herchak, President and CEO of FinCanna Capital. “We are impressed with the Refined Resin leadership team as they skilfully drive their business towards build out and commercialization of their Oakland based manufacturing facility.”

Refined Resin’s intention is to become a premier producer of bulk quantities of THC distillate and various high value concentrates produced via hydrocarbon-based solvent extraction. The company also plans to provide white-labeling services to licensed brands and licensed infused product manufacturers who do not have direct access to compliant production facilities. Licensed brands and licensed manufacturers who work in conjunction with Refined Resin will also be able to utilize their in-house distribution and marketing expertise as part of their value-add service offering.

About Refined Resin Technologies Inc.

Refined Resin Technologies, based in Oakland, California, is a cannabinoid research and refinement company focussed on the medical cannabis industry to provide B2B products and services to licensed dispensaries, licensed brands, and licensed infused product manufacturers and numerous others in the medical cannabis supply chain.

About FinCanna Capital Corp.

FinCanna provides financing to top-tier companies in the licensed medical cannabis industry in exchange for a royalty on revenues. FinCanna, led by a team of finance and industry experts, is building its diversified portfolio of royalty investments in scalable, best-in-class projects and companies exclusively in U.S. legal states, with a focus on California.

The company is differentiated by its royalty business model that is based upon providing capital to best in class U.S. cannabis businesses for a percentage of their top line revenue. It is a “stream of income” model that supports the growth of investee companies by providing them with an infusion of cash on terms that are less restrictive than debt and without the requirement to surrender a large equity stake in their business.

In return, FinCanna receives on going cash payments based on a negotiated percentage of an investee’s topline revenue. FinCanna diversifies its risk by investing in multiple sectors to generate multiple income streams in various industry verticals.

For additional information visit www.fincannacapital.com and FinCanna’s profile at www.sedar.com.

FinCanna Capital Corp.
Andriyko Herchak, CEO & Director

Investor Relations:
Arlen Hansen
Kin Communications

Forward-Looking Information

Information set forth in this news release may involve forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are statements that relate to future, not past, events. In this context, forward-looking statements often address expected future business and financial performance, and often contain words such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “plan”, “estimate”, “expect”, and “intend”, statements that an action or event “may”, “might”, “could”, “should”, or “will” be taken or occur, or other similar expressions. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, included herein including, without limitation, statements about the market for, and effectiveness of, Refined Resin Technologies Inc. products or services, the ability of Refined Resin to expand operations and generate sales and revenues, the results of operations of Refined Resin and the timing thereof, the completion of FinCanna’s investment in Refined resin, FinCanna’s ability to fund and source future projects, and FinCanna’s ability to earn and realize revenues from its investee companies. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements, or other future events, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, among others, the risks identified in the CSE listing statement available at www.SEDAR.com and other reports and filings with the applicable Canadian securities regulators. Forward-looking statements are made based on management’s beliefs, estimates and opinions on the date that statements are made, and the respective companies undertake no obligation to update forward-looking statements if these beliefs, estimates and opinions or other circumstances should change, except as required by applicable securities laws. Investors are cautioned against attributing undue certainty to forward-looking statements.

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2017 American Silver Eagle – PCGS MS70 – First Strike – Red Flag Label

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Natural Gas Price Setup for a Big Move Lower

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Copper Forecast 2019: CEOs Confident Copper Will Prevail

Optimism was the opening act for copper in 2018, but the trade war burst onto the scene and smothered expectations in what turned out to be a two-part year for the base metal.

The vital commodity didn’t get too far above its starting point of US$ 7,180.50 per tonne on the LME this year, and after reaching out to execs in the industry, the Investing News Network (INN) found that the overall sentiment was that 2018 should have been better.

But while the trade war soured what should have been a glorious year for the red metal, the CEOs polled said investors will be back because everything needs copper.

Matt Gili, president and CEO of Nevada Copper (TSX:NCU); Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, president and CEO of Trilogy Metals (TSX:TMQ); Copper Fox Metals (TSXV:CUU) Chairman, President and CEO Elmer B. Stewart; Robert Cameron, president and CEO of Commander Resources (TSXV:CMD); Bryce Bradley, president and CEO of Thunderstruck Resources (TSXV:AWE); and Paul West-Sells, president and CEO of Western Copper and Gold (TSX:WRN), each shared their thoughts on 2018, and the year that is ahead for copper.

Copper forecast 2019: Looking back on 2018

Before exploring how company CEOs feel about 2019, we asked what they thought about 2018. As mentioned, the consensus was: it should have been better.

“We expected a more bullish copper market — I think everyone did,” said Trilogy Metals’ Van Nieuwenhuyse, who added that while there was promise early in the year that a trade war might be averted, it was not to be. He quipped, “Dr. Copper can’t provide a good diagnosis when the patient is unresponsive.”

West-Sells of Western Copper and Gold said that like Van Nieuwenhuyse, he expected a rising copper price throughout 2018.

“While this was true for the first half of the year, in the second half of the year copper dropped after the US introduced tariffs and the growth expectations for China diminished.”

Van Nieuwenhuyse added that with the trade war raging, investor apathy was main challenge for 2018 — an opinion shared by Commander Resources’ CEO.

Stewart of Copper Fox Metals said that copper majors’ ability to smoothly negotiate wages at large-scale mines meant that supply disruptions were taken off the table, forgoing a repeat of 2017 when markets jumped as operations ground to a halt.

Copper forecast 2019: “Consumers won’t stop consuming”

Copper fell off a cliff in the middle of 2018 as the reality of the trade war hit home, wiping out any gains it had made since January (which were modest anyway), and for a few weeks it languished below US$ 6,000.

But even with that calamity, the general consensus from CEOs was that as a commodity vital for electronics and consumables, demand for copper will hold values higher going forward.

“Consumers won’t stop consuming,” said Van Nieuwenhuyse. “The transition to electric vehicles, alternative energy and battery metals may slow down, but it won’t stop, and copper is a primary metal to make all that happen.”

Van Nieuwenhuyse said that while in 2018 investors might have thought copper could wait, “everyone knows there is a copper deficit coming.”

Cameron said that what had started as a bullish outlook on copper in 2018 was undermined by the trade war, and 2019 “will be a difficult year to predict from a market or commodity perspective.”

He said that a tightening of the market thanks to the aforementioned deficit, along with a lack of supply disruption in 2018, means that any price rise for copper “is now being put off to 2020 or later.”

“By the end of the year [2019], at least for copper, we will have a clear view of the anticipated supply shortfall that will translate into investor interest in anticipation of copper price recoveries.”

Stewart said the same, but is more optimistic for copper to improve through 2019, saying that the market is already in a deficit “not related to supply disruption due to labor disputes,” which he observed were avoided in 2018 compared to 2017, when supply disruption was a primary price driver.

West-Sells had similar sentiments, predicting that values will push higher through 2019.

“I think that the copper market in 2019 will look similar to what we’ve seen over the past couple of months — a slow increase in price,” he said.

“The fact that there has been a shrinking supply of concentrate in 2019 was validated with the recent agreement on TC/RCs [treatment and refining charges] by Jiangxi Copper and Antofagasta (LSE:ANTO), and this, combined with a continued decrease in copper stockpiles, will continue to push copper higher.”

In Nevada, Nevada Copper’s Gili is well and truly bullish — as he should be with a major copper mine due to come online in 2019. He told INN that going forward “the positive market fundamentals for copper haven’t changed: demand growth looks robust and supply growth is limited by the small number of new projects that could come online this cycle.”

Bradley of Thunderstruck Resources, which also focuses on zinc, has the same approach, noting that because copper and zinc are needed for infrastructure projects, investor sentiment can only ebb so low.

“I’ve stopped trying to predict the future, other than having the clear conviction that developing economies will continue to build skyscrapers and bridges, and that the world’s population will continue to climb,” she said.

“Unless some kind of disruptive technology makes these metals obsolete, zinc and copper will be in demand for the foreseeable future.”

Copper forecast 2019: What’s ahead for companies

Just because investors kept their money in their pockets doesn’t mean explorers, developers and miners didn’t get on with the job of polishing prospects, projects and operations around the world. INN also asked each CEO what their company has in the works for the next 12 months.

As mentioned, Nevada Copper is currently working on its Pumpkin Hollow copper mine in Nevada, which it made the decision to go ahead with in August after the successful completion of a C$ 108.5-million public offering.

Gili said that Nevada Copper has lots of work ahead of it in the year to come at Pumpkin Hollow — which is actually two distinct projects; underground and open pit.

“We aim to publish a prefeasibility study for our open-pit operation in Q1 2019, which will include an updated resource estimate,” said Gili.

“For the underground deposit, we are on target to commence production in late 2019.”

Van Nieuwenhuyse said that Trilogy Metals has a whole shopping list of developments ahead in 2019, saying it will be expecting more drill results from its Bornite deposit in Alaska, where it has an option agreement with South32 (ASX:S32) that gives the Australian company the option to form a joint venture with Trilogy.

He said that Trilogy expects “the resource update for Bornite [to be] followed by a preliminary economic assessment, and then feasibility and permitting updates for Arctic [also in Alaska]. And then a decision by South32 to invest US$ 150 million at the project level to form a 50/50 joint venture.”

For his part, West-Sells said that Western Copper and Gold will see construction begin on the access road to its Casino copper project in Canada’s Yukon — “the best undeveloped copper-gold project not owned by the majors in the Americas.”

He said shareholders will be keeping an eye on the copper price, and that Western Copper and Gold will be anticipating merger and acquisition activity to increase.

The CEOs of both Commander Resources and Copper Fox Metals said that their companies will be pushing forward with their respective projects through 2019 in North America; Commander with a portfolio of projects open for option agreements, and Copper Fox highlighting its Schaft Creek (BC) and Mineral Mountain (Arizona) projects as stars to keep an eye on.

Finally, Bradley said that Thunderstruck Resources will be looking to secure a first partner for its base metals projects in Fiji, where it has three early stage prospects as well as a gold project. She expects the company to be very attractive to potential partners when the gold price increases.

Securities Disclosure: I, Scott Tibballs, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

Editorial Disclosure: Commander Resources, Copper Fox Metals, Nevada Copper, Thunderstruck Resources and Western Copper and Gold are clients of the Investing News Network. This article is not paid-for content.

The Investing News Network does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the information reported in the interviews it conducts. The opinions expressed in these interviews do not reflect the opinions of the Investing News Network and do not constitute investment advice. All readers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence.

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Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

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Eight Capital’s 3 Cobalt Stocks to Watch

While cobalt stocks and prices oscillated in 2018, cobalt continues to be a sought-after commodity, with many carmakers and technology companies trying to strike deals directly with miners to secure long-term supply.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Volkswagen (FWB:VOW) and BMW (ETR:BMW) are just some of the companies that have joined the race for cobalt, a key element in the lithium-ion batteries used to power electric cars.

With demand for electric cars set to surge, the need for cobalt is expected to grow. And despite a price fall this year, analysts at Eight Capital remain optimistic about the future of this battery metal. They see cobalt reaching US$ 42 per pound by 2022, and recently shared their three top picks in the space.

Cobalt Stocks: Risks and Key Factors

Get insights into cobalt’s future in our free report

Here, the Investing News Network looks at the three cobalt stocks to watch identified by Eight Capital analysts David Talbot and Joseph Fars. All stats were accurate at close of day on December 12, 2018.

1. eCobalt Solutions (TSX:ECS)

Current share price: C$ 0.66; market cap: C$ 105.63 million

The first cobalt stock on the list is eCobalt Solutions. It is focused on providing clean cobalt products essential for the rapidly growing rechargeable battery and renewable energy sectors, made safely, responsibly and transparently in the US. eCobalt’s main asset is its Idaho cobalt project.

According to the company, the Idaho cobalt project is the only near-term, environmentally permitted primary cobalt deposit in the US. Its latest update on the asset came in October. eCobalt discussed several aspects of progress and said a new feasibility study is in the last stretches of finalization. 

eCobalt also has a handful of other non-cobalt projects throughout North America. These include additional properties in Idaho, as well as assets in Canada and Mexico.

2. Cobalt 27 Capital (TSXV:KBLT)

Current share price: C$ 3.90; market cap: C$ 330.82 million

Cobalt Stocks: Risks and Key Factors

Get insights into cobalt’s future in our free report

The next cobalt stock listed is Cobalt 27 Capital, which bills itself as a leading electric metals investment vehicle with direct exposure to metals that are integral to battery technology.

The company owns physical cobalt, and signed a deal for the world’s first producing cobalt-nickel stream on the Ramu nickel-cobalt mine in May. Later in the year it acquired a US$ 300-million cobalt stream on Vale’s (NYSE:VALE) Voisey’s Bay mine‎. Click here to see our latest interview with CEO Anthony Milewski.

3. First Cobalt (TSXV:FCC)

Current share price: C$ 0.20; market cap: C$ 67.86 million

The third cobalt stock on the list is First Cobalt, an exploration and development company whose main focus is its Iron Creek project in Idaho. It has an inferred mineral resource of 26.9 million tonnes grading 0.11 percent cobalt equivalent.

The company is also developing the Greater Cobalt project, which includes over 50 formerly producing mines. Lastly, First Cobalt owns a cobalt refinery, which it says is the only refinery in North America that can produce battery materials.

First Cobalt has been drilling at Iron Creek throughout 2018, and completed the inferred resource for the asset in September. It recently began testing cobalt hydroxide material as feedstock for its refinery.

With cobalt prices down and Eight Capital’s continued confidence in the industry, do you see this as a buying opportunity? Tell us in the comments.

This is an updated version of an article originally published by the Investing News Network in February 2018.

Don’t forget to follow us at @INN_Resource for real-time news updates!

Securities Disclosure: I, Amanda Kay, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

Editorial Disclosure: eCobalt Solutions and First Cobalt are clients of the Investing News Network. This article is not paid-for content.

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Denmark Crypto Taxes: It’s Making Sure You Pay Em!

Denmark Crypto Taxes

There’s no getting around Denmark’s tax agency, Skattestyrelsen, so don’t even try. The agency is pursuing Denmark crypto taxes with vigor and is leaving no stone left unturned!

Denmark Crypto Taxes

Skattestyrelsen has confirmed that approximately 2,700 individuals owe taxes on Bitcoin gains, according to a release it made earlier.

These individuals reportedly bought and sold Bitcoin via a Finnish cryptocurrency exchange between 2015 and 2017. However, they have yet to declare any profits or losses on their tax documentation. Whoops!

It’s now an agency priority to chase down these people and …

Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.

Crypto Currency News

Owning Precious Metals in an IRA

Article posted at The Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article63752.html
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Cannabis Outlook 2019: Experts on What’s to Come

As investors rush to prepare for the upcoming year, the Investing News Network (INN) offers a few of views from experts and observers of the cannabis industry on what to look out for in 2019.

While the possibility of even bigger deals from outside players from the pharmaceutical, alcohol or other beverage industries continues to capture the imagination of investors, serious challenges still lie ahead for the sector.

Ventures in the marijuana landscape have to deliver on more promises than ever, as Canadian companies combat shortages and prepare for the arrival of edibles, US companies are looking to separate brands and products from a flood of items in the states.

Canopy Growth Corp up 2,200% since 2016!

Learn to profit from cannabis companies

With 2019 appearing to be a year when investors start demanding results from cannabis picks in Canada, the US play will continue to gain momentum from key policy drivers.

As the US cannabis market begins to clear up, investors could be motivated to pay more attention below the border.

Read on to learn what companies in the cannabis space are looking forward to in 2019, or click here to see our 2018 cannabis trends overview before diving in.

Cannabis Outlook 2019: More deals on the way

After a relentless pace for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the marijuana space during 2018, predictions indicate things won’t slow down in 2019.

Dena Jalbert, founder and CEO of Align Business Advisory Services, a firm aiding in the process of M&A, told INN she sees deals in which intellectual property is at hand to begin appearing more and more.

Deals for intellectual property (IP), which saw one of its biggest cases take place when Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC,TSX:WEED) acquired the IP of Colorado-based cannabis research firm ebbu, are going to appeal companies in 2019 since, according to Jalbert, there is only “so much land and states and geography” to go around.

Jalbert is referring to the idea that at one point the valuable assets will be ideas and specific product developments.

Another type of deal investors will be anxiously awaiting will be those with established players from industries such as tobacco, alcohol, pharma and even cosmetics.

Charles Taerk, president and CEO of Faircourt Asset Management and advisor to the Ninepoint UIT Alternative Health Fund, and Doug Waterson, CFO and portfolio manager with Faircourt Asset Management and manager of the Ninepoint UIT Alternative Health Fund, shared an interest on what these deals will look like in 2019.

“The nature of these investments (limited JV, or more control-oriented) will be an important determinant in the evolution of the sector,” the duo from Faircourt said.

One of the reasons these companies are looking at options in the cannabis world to inject revenues and energy into older businesses.

“I think that consolidation is what we’re going to see I think especially in the United States, as regulation continues to lighten and those businesses become more risk tolerant,” Jalbert said.

The advisor also explained she sees potential for the beauty industry to take a bigger step forward with partnerships in the cannabidiol (CBD) market.

“They’re jumping in because they can take the CBD path in some case,” said Jalbert. “We’re seeing a lot in the beauty industry.”

Canopy Growth Corp up 2,200% since 2016!

Learn to profit from cannabis companies

Cannabis Outlook 2019: Will the real US market stand up?

The US represents a complicated market for cannabis and its investors. While technically illegal at a federal level, companies have entered states that have voted in favor of legalizing a marketplace for medical or even recreational use.

Due to the restrictions, public companies are forced to seek capital from Canadian investors in through the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

Neal Gilmer, research analyst with Haywood Securities, wrote a note indicating a projection of a US cannabis market worth between US$ 15.9 billion and US$ 21.7 billion by 2022.

The analyst highlighted the most direct approach investors have looking for exposure in this market: multi-state operators.

These companies own and operate assets in legal states, but due to the fractured market based on each state, these companies have to manage operations separately.

As such, a more general market of retail investors has yet to find entrance points into these companies.

Gilmer wrote there are “significant benefits” to some of the new larger operators that have appeared on the CSE in 2018.

“Not only can they leverage and adapt their [standard operating procedures] SOP’s and other ‘know-how’ but can leverage brand awareness, product development, IP, and scale,” he wrote.

While the US is gaining steam as the prize for cannabis companies due to its population size, capital has still most flowed in from Canada.

Canopy Growth Corp up 2,200% since 2016!

Learn to profit from cannabis companies

During a panel at the MJBizCon in Las Vegas Kevin Murphy, CEO of multi-state operator Acreage Holdings (CSE:ACRG), said Canadians “are leading the capitals market race.”

This could change very quickly as regulations in the US continue to gain momentum and the need to evaluate a more efficient cannabis marketplace rises.

Investors will have to follow developments with the STATES act and its implementation if approved.

This bipartisan legislation seeks to grant protections to the states that have legalized the drug and to allow companies to operate more openly for example by being able to interact with banks.

Despite the potential of this bill, if approved it still wouldn’t remove cannabis and its derivatives from the controlled substances list it’s currently in.

A wrinkle of the STATES act, if approved, could be the transition of US cannabis companies from raising capital on the CSE to more senior exchanges such as the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), according to Murphy.

“A lot of the companies that we’re talking to, yes, they are bigger and some of them are actually at that stage now [ready to launch on the NYSE or NASDAQ]. But, a lot of them are significantly smaller than that. They need to raise additional growth capital to get to that level,” Richard Carleton, CEO of the CSE, told INN.

Carleton still expects to see a lot of US cannabis listings on the CSE despite the potential approval of the STATES act.

“To date, US cannabis companies have looked to Canada for access to capital and operational needs. 2019 could be the year where the U.S. wakes up and smells the cannabis,” Steve Hawkins, CEO Horizons ETFs, said.

Brian Schinderle, a managing partner with Solidum Capital Advisors, said the STATES act could open the doors to US broker dealers and US private equity.

“They are sitting on so much money that they don’t know what to do with and it’s killing them that they can’t run in here and get involved,” Schinderle said during a panel at the Arcview Investor Forum in Las Vegas.

Canopy Growth Corp up 2,200% since 2016!

Learn to profit from cannabis companies

Cannabis Outlook 2019: Concerns to watch out for

Cannabis investors have seen the roller coaster ride this market can offer first hand. Double digit surges in a day accompanied by cutthroat slashes in value are no novelty in the cannabis market.

But what will investors have to be concerned for in the new year?

When asked what his biggest cause of concern for the space, Taerk and Waterson said the rollout of new recreational products like edibles and infused items could have a messy effect depending on how long it takes to hit the market.

The Faircourt duo is also worried about the valuations still seen to this day with cannabis producers.

“Valuations of some producers are very high, and corrections in these names could spill over into the sector more generally,” Taerk and Waterson said.

Hawkins agreed, indicating the optimism surrounding this stocks has led to valuations and share prices that he deems aren’t appropriate.

“I’m concerned that some investors that are holding these companies might get burned,” he said.

Cannabis Outlook 2019: Hemp and CBD

Gilmer said was a big believer of the overall CBD market gaining ground in 2019 at the Arcview Investor Forum.

The analyst explained a lot of the current growth for this market is due to anecdotal references and recommendations and once more research is available he expects to see more adoption of the products.

“We remain positive on the CBD market and believe that CBD could be removed from its Schedule I classification driving further adoption across the US and likely driving solid interest and investments from companies outside of the cannabis sector,” Gilmer wrote in a research note.

The hemp industry has been on a spotlight as the latest US farm bill moves closer to law.

Bethany Gomez, director of research for the Brightfield Group, told CNBC the bill would allow the industry to “grow very rapidly and scale on a national level.”

A projection from the researchers shows the new market would lead to an industry worth US$ 20 billion by 2022.

Cannabis Outlook 2019: Investor takeaway

With another year ending in the growing path of the cannabis industry, 2019 appears poised to offer just enough volatility and change for the space.

The resources cannabis investors can have continue to expand but the due diligence and research will continue to be key for investors looking to avoid pitfalls in the industry.

The evolution of the cannabis industry to accommodate a more global landscape, new products such as beverages, and a focus on developing brands that resonate with consumers will continue into 2019.

Don’t forget to follow us @INN_Cannabis for real-time news updates!

Securities Disclosure: I, Bryan Mc Govern, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

The Investing News Network does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the information reported in the interviews it conducts. The opinions expressed in these interviews do not reflect the opinions of the Investing News Network and do not constitute investment advice. All readers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence. 

Canopy Growth Corp up 2,200% since 2016!

Learn to profit from cannabis companies

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